...linen necklace wrap...

...What happened in Odemira in the first part of the exchange in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs project.....

The activities developed by the New Entrepreneur under the supervision of the Host Entrepreneur were the following:
We have planned, designed, woven and promoted the first collection of a new product: baby wraps.
We have created Wrap Weavers , a joined project to design, weave and distribute all kinds of pieces that can be used as a “wrap”, mainly baby wraps, baby blankets, neckless- and wrist wraps.
We have launched www.wrapweavers.com and also a Facebook page with more than 200 likes by the way.
We have got a professional wrap reviewer www.wrapyouinlove.com to make a review about one of our first wraps.
We have been developing the project around a particular functional yarn: Climayarn, a temperature regulating yarn.
I have been taught how to run a hand-woven textiles business, how to create a collection of pieces by planning the design, warping, weaving, finishing the pieces (even with our own labels), promoting and communicating our products especially through the Internet.
I have created my own trademark, Maria de Nilo, my blog (http://mariadenilo.tumblr.com), which I have been using as a diary to report all the work we were developing, and also my Facebook page.
I could exhibit and sell my own pieces at Helena Loermans’ atelier in Odemira and also she shared her stand with me at the Odemira monthly market.
We have settled the framework for an interesting project that allows us to weave both in Odemira and in Santiago de Compostela, together or separately depending on the moment of the year, so that we can design and produce wraps as Wrap Weavers and supply the necessities of the market.

six shaft crepe weave in linen

...for those who love craft and innovation.... handwoven necklace wraps in funcional temperature regulating Climayarn... 

Climayarn (Schoeller) with Bluesign label
transfers moisture
warms at cold temperatures
avoids extra heat-accumulation
machine washable
Climayarn (R) optimally combines the advantages of wool's natural finer with the strength of Polycolon's high-performance finer
Climayarn dries considerably faster than comparable cotton materials
No dry cleaning

its dry when its wet
its warm when its cold
no dry cleaning
does not absorb any moisture
machine washable

The bluesign® system is the solution for a sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production. This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide but also provides confidence to the consumer to acquire a sustainable product.

...the very last 2013-2014 winter textures.....

..'red yellow and blue' babywrap in temperature regulating Climayarn and fine linen... size 6 , 4,7 m , crepe weave from the book ' A Crepe is Not Just a Pancake' by Alice Schlein

..'red yellow and blue' babywrap in temperature regulating Climayarn and fine linen... size 6 , 4,7 m

...red crepe weave for baby wraps..... 'intelligent' temperature regulating Climayarn and fine linen....
from the book ' A Crepe is Not just a Pancake ' by Alice Schlein

.....looking back and forward on a Sunday morning.....  FT 2014 and http://utopia-planetaria.blogspot.pt ,last time updated  in 2009 ...let's wrap some of the sun  ;) ;) ;) 

...from one section to a sample..... 'intelligent' temperature regulating Climayarn for www.wrapweavers.com


Spring....back to linen.....

...empty loom waiting to be dressed.....

.....'intelligent'  wrap......

....'intelligent' grey and white temperature regulating textile....

....happy baby... our first one to try out our 'intelligent' handwoven baby wraps... we are very proud to say that he loved it !!!! yesterday at Odemira market 'a vila no mercado'.... ps...he also checked out the other colours   

...'intelligent' silver grey and white..... Climayarn...as if you can see the heat coming out ;)....