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...Matadero Madrid workshop dia 16 de dezembro as 17 horas !

...Matadero Madrid workshop dia 16 de dezembro  as 17 horas !  Maria Vale wrote:
"We are ready for the Christmas Fair of the cultures of Madrid. Portugal will be present with handicrafts, workshops, workshops and its Christmas Stand with products from all over the country. The program is on the web.
I promise that the days 16 and 17 will be very special with our artisans Isabel Martins, Helena Loermans and Flora Dolores.
We wait!" "Estamos listos para la Navideña Feria de las Culturas de Madrid. Portugal va a estar presente con artesania, talleres, workshops y su caseta de Navidad con produtos de todo el País. El programa esta en la web.
Os prometo que los dias 16 y 17 van a ser muy especiales con nuestras artesanas Isabel Martins, Helena Loermans y Flora Dolores.
Os esperamos!"

Latest posts a result of my correspondence with the Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies, came the request for a sample of the weaving of the canvas, to join the Assumption file of the painting. Lab O could not be more honoured !!! source: Zuccari, F., Véliz, Z., and Fiedler, I. (2005). Saint John in the Wilderness: Observations on Technique, Style, and Authorship. Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies. 31:2, pp. 30-45+105-108, The Art Institute of Chicago.

...preparing the opening of the exhibition in Sines... earlier publication I found about the canvas El Greco used in XVI century...

...our research and the recreations of the handwoven canvas are inspiring other scientists ...

Thanks ICCROM ...

...first touches of autumn in our hemisphere ;) cashmere and Climayarn

Recreation of the canvas (from the same bolt) on which Vincent van Gogh painted three of his works....

recreation of a canvas on which Van Gogh painted...

'tiny masters' kids workshop , 5 and 7 !