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...from the album 'not always painters canvas'...

... white reconstruction of El Greco's canvas: divine !

'Spring fruits'

...the 'historical canvas story' on portuguese radio...

Murillo, Internacional Congres in Seville, Spain.

research on a Titian painting, the very first sketch showing the texture of the canvas... follow the story on

...Matadero Madrid workshop dia 16 de dezembro as 17 horas ! a result of my correspondence with the Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies, came the request for a sample of the weaving of the canvas, to join the Assumption file of the painting. Lab O could not be more honoured !!! source: Zuccari, F., Véliz, Z., and Fiedler, I. (2005). Saint John in the Wilderness: Observations on Technique, Style, and Authorship. Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies. 31:2, pp. 30-45+105-108, The Art Institute of Chicago.